Training date

01/02/2022 - 03/02/2022
(9:00 - 12:30 - CET, Brussels time)

Deadline for registration

When analysing the current crisis and the four key ‘megatrends’ – globalisation, climate change, digitalisation and the demographic transition - we can see their disrupting impact on societies and economies. Unions are part of this game. Uncertainties towards the future as a result of rapidly changing conditions, together with the observed decline of union membership, require Unions to urgently think about their renewal. Being able to think strategically becomes more and more an essential skill for trade unionists, in particular for those leaders willing to drive their Organisations towards new ways of representing, mobilising and organising workers.

Trade union leaders are also responsible for promoting an analytic and strategic thinking culture within their Unions. To support this process, ETUI has recently published a guide on “Anticipating change, staying relevant: why trade unions should do foresight”: foresight can help trade unions by shedding light on ‘blind spots’, enabling them to make better decisions and shape different possible futures. The main purpose of the ETUI training “Strategic foresight for facilitators: how to run a foresight project” is to reinforce Unions capacity building in this area, providing appropriate tools and methods to facilitators, appointed by their Organisations, who will later support TU leadership teams during their strategic decision making.

The course will take place in Brussels, 1-3 February 2022 and it will be organized in cooperation with CISL, Italy and OPZZ, Poland. Aims The following aims have been set in order to achieve this objective:

  • to understand the key steps of strategic foresight;
  • to test strategic foresight methods through simulation;
  • to appreciate the skills needed to facilitate discussions with TU decision-makers.
  • to understand the role of a union foresight facilitator


This course is intended for 20 trade unionists, identified by their ETUC affiliated Organisation, who will play the role of facilitators in supporting their TU leaders in doing analytic and strategic thinking. They are considered as persons of trust and, ideally, they have already some skills in moderating and facilitating discussion. To better assure the training follow up, it’s recommended to appoint 2 participants per organisation. Arrival and departure Participants are expected to arrive on Monday 31st January 2022, and to leave on Thursday 3rd February 2022, after lunchtime (no departure from the airport before 15h00).

How are enrolments processed?

A maximum of 20 participants can be accepted. The final confirmation of the participants will be done by the team of trainers bearing in mind the requirements for the target group. We ask you to bear in mind the recommendations of the ETUC Action Plan for women which call for the proportional representation of women in trade union activities. We also invite you to think about renewal and consider TU young members participation.