Training date

25/02/2021 - 26/02/2021
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)


The transition to a green economy will offer opportunities to create new jobs in many sectors but will also transform jobs in those sectors most affected by the transition. Both new and transformed jobs will require workers with new skills. This training session aims to analyse the impact of a green economy on skills development and to draft action plans encouraging companies and public authorities to invest in skills development in the sectors concerned. The mining, transport and the metallurgical industry will be used as paradigmatic sectors.


-    To gain knowledge about the consequences of transitioning to a green economy on employment.
-    To assess the impact of transitioning to a green economy on skills development, with a specific focus on the mining, transport and metallurgical industries. 
-    To define arguments advocating the reskilling of workers in these sectors.
-    To contribute to reskilling and upskilling in these sectors.  

Target group: 

-    TU officers responsible for health and safety, climate change, and sustainable development
-    Trainers at the branch, company, and sectoral levels
-    TU representatives at the company level
-    TU officers interested in environmental and skills issues

Click here for the full programme and please contact Carine Boon for further info & registrations.