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Tomas Berglund, Jeremy Waddington

Trade union internationalism

This special issue, the third in a series of Transfer issues on ‘the state of trade unionism in Europe’, examines the international activity... Find out more

Anna Kaliga, Alexander Oberdieck

Non-financial reporting: how can it be a resource for workers?

Non-financial reporting is the provision by companies of information regarding their policies that have an impact on workers, the... Find out more

European multinational companies and trade unions in eastern and east-central Europe

Are foreign multinational companies more or less likely than domestically-owned firms to recognise trade unions and engage seriously in... Find out more

Katrin McGauran

Ending regulatory avoidance through the use of letterbox companies

Letterbox companies are legal entities set up by businesses to benefit from a regulatory framework in a jurisdiction in which they have... Find out more

Torsten Müller, Thorsten Schulten

The European minimum wage on the doorstep

The European Commission published a consultation document with a view to take legislative action to establish fair minimum wages in Europe... Find out more

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January 13, 2021

An underutilised resource: the revitalising promise of new trade union members

Trade union membership prospects has declined in 24 out of 32 European countries in 2010–2017, compared to the first decade of the twenty... Find out more