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Séverine Picard

Fair corporate taxation

This policy brief describes the need for the sensible coordination of corporate income tax rules at international level, in particular in... Find out more

Slavina Spasova, Denis Bouget, Bart Vanhercke

Sickness benefits in the EU: making sense of diversity

One of the hallmarks of the European Union (EU) Member States’ social protection systems, unlike that of other regions in the world, is the... Find out more

Jörg Bibow

Pushing the limits: the European Central Bank’s role in restoring sustainable growth

The European Central Bank (ECB) is a special, even unique central bank. It is a central bank without a treasury by its side or a state... Find out more

Nacho Álvarez, Georg Feigl, Nasos Koratzanis, ...

Towards a progressive EMU fiscal governance

Starting from the view that the crises in the euro zone were basically triggered by financial markets and reinforced by a lack of... Find out more

Stefan Clauwaert

The country-specific recommendations (CSRs) in the social field. An overview and comparison. Update including the CSRs 2019-2020

This is the ninth cycle under the European Semester system since its launch in 2011, but it is also the second set of CSRs launched since... Find out more