This summary report looks at how the financial and economic crisis has affected financial support by public authorities for renewable energy in six EU countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden and Bulgaria).

The report examines the policy and regulatory framework, the current situation for renewable energy in Europe and the jobs impact the sector has had and could have in future, against the background of the continuing need to combat climate change and move to a low-carbon economy. The different types of funding instruments are explored, with a focus on those that encourage innovation.

The work is based on six descriptive case study reports prepared by Spain’s trade union institute ISTAS with the help of energy experts from the different countries involved in the project. The individual country reports and the overall report of ISTAS are available in the further reading list hereunder.

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Table of contents

Final report ISTAS

Country report Germany

Country report Italy

Country report UK

Country report Spain

Country report Bulgaria

Country report Sweden


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