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The EU's REFIT strategy: a new bureaucracy in the service of competitiveness?

This Working Paper provides a clear but critical assessment of the EU’s process of simplification and qualitative improvement of the ‘acquis’, a process originally known as ‘Better Law-making’, subsequently as ‘Smart regulation’ and, in its latest incarnation, as ‘Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT)’. In a first part, the paper examines the... Find out more

Community health and safety strategy: going nowhere

2013 got off to a very bad start for EU health and safety at work policies. The strategy for 2007-2012 has ended. But a new strategy is mired in doubts. Will there ever be one? And will it be up to addressing the problems identified in the different Member States? Occupational health policy planning has been around for thirty-plus years. The... Find out more