The TRACE project, which ETUI Education coordinated, focused on the important issues of economic restructuring and the management of change. During the project a large number of useful training materials were identified in the many different sectors covered (including public services, metalworking, chemicals, energy, transport, private services and the graphical sector), which address the following issues: anticipating change, handling change, and company-related closures, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, delocalisation, privatisation and centralisation or de-centralisation of activities. The project has involved many different European countries, which has also ensured a wide range of materials in different languages. The project materials are referenced in two databases, the first of which focuses specifically on distance learning resources, and the databases can be searched for specific types of materials (case studies, guidelines, information sheets, etc.). The databases are searchable in English or French but the individual resources are available in many different languages.

visit TRACE web site where you will find distance learning materials database and sector-based resources in English and French.