Since Spring 2020, the world is trying to cope with an unprecedented global pandemic. Multinational employers have had to adapt their ways of working across all their sites in order to address the economic, health and social consequences of the pandemic.

What was the role of European Works Council or SE-Works Council in that process? To find out, the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) invites you to complete this short survey on how the pandemic has affected information & consultation in your European Works Council (EWC or SEWC). The results will be analysed anonymously for research and educational purposes by the ETUI. Any questions on the content of the survey can be addressed to Aline Hoffmann. You may want to translate the survey from English into your native language. If you already know how to translate whole web pages, then your usual method should work. If you don’t know how to translate websites, you will find instructions below. The survey has about 20 questions and shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

Please complete the survey  here