ETUI Education is launching its first and unique “EWC train the trainers” course in a blended learning format. The course will develop the European Works Council (EWC) trainers’ role by immersion in the universe of EWC training, online as well as face2face. It combines learning opportunities on issues related to the topic of the EWC with EWC online/offline pedagogy. The participants which have already been selected is a group of experienced professionals from the national and European level. The aim is to enhance their skills and exchange know-how on supporting the EWCs / SE WCs via trainings, meetings, webinars and other facilitation formats. Multidimensional synergies are expected to happen during this year long program, strengthening the EWC support circle. Between 21 June 2021 and 20 May 2022 three face to face meetings and seven online webinars are foreseen, adding up to the unique blended experience, linking the EWC universe with online/offline education.

For more info please contact Cyprian Szyszka and Tsela Ceulemans