The new yearly training work programme started in April under unexpected circumstances. All planned face-to-face courses had to be cancelled. But cancelling training from the ETUI Education agenda was out of question. Thanks to the experience gathered in the previous years and to the resilience of the Department’ staff, an offer of five online courses was made available to Unions across Europe. On the menu: the 8th English and the 1st Spanish editions of  “EWCs: the rules of the game”, the third “English for Trade Unionists”, the refreshed “EU for trade unionists” and the brand new “Project management” courses.

The response has been very positive: in total, about 600 participants enrolled and have been given access to the online learning platform. A team of experienced online tutors and technical experts accompanied learners through the online training journey. Besides the online courses, the ETUI Education department has successfully created interactive and well attended webinars to support trade union representatives in time of changes. These encouraging results represent a strong motivation to keep on enriching the ETUI e-learning offer, exploring new topics and formats. New e-learning opportunities are under construction and will be launched after the summer break.