From the 17th to 24th of November, the health and safety and working conditions unit of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) organized two regional forums, one for Balkan countries and one for Baltic states and countries of Central Europe. Bringing together close to 80 participants, these annual forums aim at regional cooperation and exchange of information on occupational health and safety.

The discussion focused on ways to improve trade union participation in occupational health and safety. Proposals ranged from strategies to support safety representatives to effective partnerships with other relevant actors. Another predominant theme was on preventing Covid-19 in the workplace. Experts from both regions contributed to discussions on telework and psychosocial risks, social dialogue and joint activities of social partners, interventions of occupational physicians, and on new tools and methods for labour inspectors during the pandemic.

Such regional meetings are all the more important in the context of the current pandemic, as they contribute to align and upgrade national trade union strategies in the face of a rapidly changing context.

Photo credits: Digital Vision