In today’s world of work, trainers keep on finding better approaches to apply innovation to reshape and progress traditional learning models, achieving personal development and success in practically every training room.

Today, a significant number of the most recent pedagogical advances plan to amplify the viability of time in the training room, allowing trainers to focus on supporting learners’ individual needs. Most of these new advances use technology to promote a blend of innovative training strategies, including active learning, collaborative projects, experiential learning, and traditional direct instruction.

Next to direct instruction, active learning has been maybe the most well-known methodology used in the training room. Active learning strategies are instructional activities involving learners in doing things and thinking about what they are doing. Learners are actively or experientially involved in their learning process.

To cope with the constantly evolving training practices, ETUI is committing to continue training its members on active learning through a new course format, fully online.

What learning methodologies will you experience in this course?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” methodology or ready-made approach that will guarantee the success of a training session and make the learning experience an outstanding one. Trainers know they need to innovate and engage their audience in their learning process. Context is key and active learning is about involving learners’ efforts in the training room to actively construct their knowledge.

The programme is conducted using interactive self-guided learning modules, knowledge checks, live webinars and final assessment.

What will you be able to do?

As a trainer, this online course will give you the opportunity to experiment with active learning methodologies and improve your pedagogical skills. You will not only get high quality knowledge and shared experience from experts, advisors and consultants but you will also design your own learning module using active learning methodologies, at your own pace.

It’s not what you “get” in this course, it’s how deep you go. Think about why learning about active learning might transform your experience as a trainer, and what that means for you personally. We like to think that this course operates on three levels. Imagine we are standing on the seashore; the course is the ocean. Join us and go as deep as you can...

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