The ETUI EWC training team aims to increase the number of European Works Council members trained each year, as part of the European Trade Union Confederation's campaign to strengthen democracy at work. European Works Council members have a fundamental right to information and consultation of workers, but only a few of them are aware of this. To remedy this situation, ETUI aims at training more members while preserving high quality. This objective requires us to strengthen our network of trainers, known as "NET", and to help them update their knowledge both in terms of pedagogical skills (getting used to running online training courses) and in terms of content, taking into account the latest legislative developments and new case law. In this respect a first note on the consequences of Brexit on European works councils has been produced. The aim is to take stock of a particular theme on which we are regularly asked by participants in our training courses.

In addition, every two months or so we organise a meeting with all the trainers to discuss a subject in greater depth and to review current social issues. At the next meeting, on 22 April, we are going to talk about Brexit in general, but we are also going to study a case analysis, to enable trainers to use a concrete case during training. The aim is to demonstrate that employee representatives have the right to be informed and consulted, for example in the event of restructuring. We will discuss a recent decision of a British court in a case opposing the European works council of Adecco to its management, with Domenico Colapinto, the secretary of the European works council and his lawyer, Philip Sack.