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The EWC as a tool for democracy at work

This training course aims to raise practical awareness of the EWC being an important tool of democracy at work, starting from the proper election and EWC seat distribution, through to the EWC escalation procedure, and ending with influencing the decision-making of multinational companies via... Lire plus


Intersectionality: an approach for trade unionists

Intersectionality is a theoretical, methodological, and political perspective that focuses on the inequalities and discriminations generated by the intersections of different social elements: gender, social class, origin, ethnic and cultural background, age, (dis)ability, or language. During this... Lire plus


Strategic thinking and foresight for trade union leaders

The world today requires the capacity to operate assertively. It is necessary to increase analytical skills and develop strategies at all levels. A way of thinking that is critical, open and strategic is a method to be learned and developed at the European level to define future strategies for a... Lire plus


E-tutors training (2023 edition)

Synchronous learning happens in real time, based on a set class schedule and fixed login times. Asynchronous learning does not require a real-time interaction, instead the content is available online, on a platform, for participants to access when it best suits their schedules, and assignments are... Lire plus

National organisations contacts

In this database, you will find the names and addresses of your national contact persons.