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Driven by the increased use of digital technologies, remote work dramatically intensified in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and has since become a structural aspect of the world of work. This has brought the spatial component of work into question and thus created challenges for the implementation of existing regulatory regimes.

Drawing on the recent ETUI book The Future of Remote Work, we propose a debate in which remote work is not only a synonym for telework or hybrid work, but also encompasses gig work, (global) outsourcing and workplace fissuring dynamics. First, we will focus on the policy dimension of remote work. What are the roles of EU regulators and social partners in ensuring that the transition to different forms of remote work is socially just and respects workers' wellbeing? We will then examine specific transformative challenges posed by remote work, with a discussion structured around four main dimensions: the global impact of remote work-driven outsourcing, labour law fallacies, implications for the green transition, and trade union responses.

The conference will be in-person only. The draft agenda and the registration link will be available soon here.