Lunch debate: Eco-social policies in the European Union
European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli building, Room 3G2; 12h30 - 15h00

Event hosted by The Greens/European Free Alliance - European Parliament

With Philippe Lamberts, MEP, The Greens/European Free Alliance; Bart Vanhercke, OSE; Milena Buchs, University of Leeds; Sebastiano Sabato, OSE; Béla Galgóczi, ETUI;  Georg Zachmann, Bruegel Think tank

The European Social Observatory (OSE) and the ETUI cordially invite you to this lunch debate with policymakers about the 19th edition of their flagship book, focused on key issues such as sustainable welfare, degrowth and the distributional and labour market effects of climate policies. The event will be hosted by Philippe Lamberts (Group of the Greens). Confirmed speakers: Milena Buchs (University of Leeds), Béla Galgóczi (ETUI), Sebastiano Sabato and Bart Vanhercke (OSE) and Georg Zachmann (Bruegel).

Mandatory online  registration by 11th March 2019 at the latest

  Twitter : #SPEU2018