EWC course

Faced with declining union density across Europe trade unions are stepping up their initiatives for membership recruitment and organising workers.

The European Trade Union Federations are also increasingly involved in these activities. Several have recently added a ‘strategic organiser’ to their team and are considering the possibility of using the European Works Councils as an instrument to promote worker organisation in all branches of a multinational company. Indeed, given that the EWC represents collectively all workers in the European Union and efficient linking between local and transnational information and consultation is required, it is only logical that setting up formal representation in all countries not only benefits the EWC itself, but also allows for local trade unions to expand their membership.

After a previous training exploring this potential with UNI Europa and industriAll Europe, the ETUI will offer a similar programme for union officers and EWC members from the food, agriculture and tourism sectors, coordinated by EFFAT.  More information can be found here.