The measures taken to combat the corona pandemic have profound social and economic consequences. For European Works Councils, it is currently impossible to organise any physical meetings and that in a time when information and consultation on the impact of the crisis on sales, production and employment as well as on measures taken to protect the health and financial security of workers is more urgent than ever. In order to lend a helping hand to the worker representatives in these uncertain times, the European Trade Union Federations have published joint recommendations on “Anticipating and managing the impact of COVID-19 in multinational companies”.

In line with the current review of the ETUI Education work programme to deliver more online courses, the initative was taken to organise webinars in cooperation with the European Federations to explain and disseminate those recommendations.  The opportunity was also taken to update the latest developments regarding Brexit.  Three such webinars have been organised so far: with UNI europa on 30 March, with EFBWW on 14 May and with EFFAT on 26 May.  Each time, the recommendations were thoroughly explained, a sector-specific focus was added and testimonials were heard from EWC members.  The recording of the webinars, as well as all related documents, can be found on the federations’ websites.

But there is more.  EWC members can now turn to the ETUI for a wide range of online training.  Our “Rules of the Game” course is currently running for the 8th time in English; it was launched in French earlier this year and a first session in Spanish just started.  A German and Italian edition will follow soon.  If you want to improve your knowledge of English, you can register for the “English for Trade Unionists” course.  Preparations for a self-paced online training on “How to deal with Confidentiality in the EWC” are well underway and more topics will be developed later.

Last but not least, we can also provide training for EWC, SE WC or Special Negotiating Body company groups.  This can be done under the form of short, two hour webinars, or in a slightly more elaborate form, with multiple sessions spread over one or two days.  Our extensive network of trainers and experts guarantees a highly qualitative online experience.  Check our offer on or contact our company training coordinator Cyprian Szyszka.

Bruno Demaître


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