In cooperation with UNI Europa, a course for EWC coordinators was organised in Bilbao from 3 to 4 May 2017, with a focus on placing them ‘at the heart of transnational trade union strategies in multinational companies’.

It was a very interactive and intensive exchange, with 14 trade union officers and company representatives from 10 different countries in attendance. The debates focused on the UNI guidelines and on the participants’ practical experiences of coordinating the EWC and global union alliances. In particular, a joint strategy between these two bodies, on restructuring and the option of negotiating framework agreements, was developed in more detail. The highlight of the training session was an introduction to the activities of the Central European Organising Centre (COZZ). This organisation was set up by UNI and has its office in Warsaw. Its goal is to help local unions in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary with campaigning, networking and recruiting members. The course ended with a session on developing concrete action plans for establishing and activating more union alliances. As several of the participants stated, they left the course ‘full of new ideas’ and ‘feeling energised and with very useful tools’.