A New Path for Europe is a series of three connected videos which condense a considerable range of social, economic, legal, political and historical information. There are several parts to be peeled off progressively throughout the video, depending on the interest and experience of the participants on the ETUI course. Trade unions aim to secure justice for all, and as the only membership organisations with worldwide reach, are well placed to make the case.

The videos start from participants’ national contexts building towards a European level consideration where things come together and national contexts can be explored on a much wider stage. The phrases used in the videos refer to ETUI, ETUC, EU publications and social organisations close to trade unions. Trade unionists are part of their local communities and these videos reflect the fact that the impact of the crisis goes beyond the workplace to the communities in which people live. The common concerns contribute to the common ground for common reflection. At the end of the third video, several demands come up. These demands go beyond the remit of the ETUC but enable us to highlight fundamental and structural objectives that do take into account the common concerns for common action to change the path for Europe as per its original purpose.

Videos are available here. (Explorer and Firefox only)

Table of contents

A New Path for Europe