Upcoming training courses


Online English for trade unionists (pre-intermediate)

Now into its 7th edition, this online course involves about 36 hours of individual work. Learners can follow the course at their own rhythm by accessing at any moment the online training platform. Online tutors will support participants during the training. The course covers the intermediate level... Find out more


Scenario-building training

Known as a forecasting technique, scenario building is a learning tool and instrument for constructive participation. The aim of working with scenarios is to enhance the integrity of our decisions and actions through placing them in a broader/longer context. The training will help participants to... Find out more


Strategic foresight for trade unions - national support activity

This activity is to support the national organisations in their design and development of the foresight projects. Find out more


Leadership and capacity building for TU women leaders

This course is designed to encourage women to step up to take leadership roles in their organisations and to further develop the skills and confidence of all women leaders. The course will enable networks to be developed and experiences to be shared and learnt from, and there will be an emphasis on... Find out more

National organisations contacts

In this database, you will find the names and addresses of your national contact persons.