Pascale Vielle

Associate Researcher


Pascale Vielle is Professor at the University of Louvain (Iacchos, Cirtes), an associated researcher at the Free University of Brussels, and has been involved in the European network of excellence (FP6) RECWOWE (Reconciling work and welfare) from 2006 to 2011. She has specialized in international, European and comparative welfare state analysis conducted from a gender perspective, and her research areas include governance of social policies (europeanization, hybridation), work-life balance, women in academia, quality of employment, and active labour market policies. Her scientific expertise has been fuelled by periods spent working in international and national government bodies : Pascale Vielle has worked at the ILO and the EU Commission and she was the first director of the Belgian Federal Institute for gender equality. She is appointed member of the Belgian High Council for Justice (since 2004), and member of the Scientific Board of the MSH-Ange Guépin Nantes, of the ETUI advisory committee, of the European Social Observatory (OSE) and of Scientific Council of the Revue belge de sécurité sociale. She has published numerous books and articles on social law and policies challenges in Europe.

Areas of activity

Work-life balance, quality of employment, gender at work, labour market policies.

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