Margherita Bussi

Associate Researcher


Research Fellow, University of Brighton, UK PhD in Political Science, University of Geneva MA, Department of Political Science University of Bologna BA, Translating and Interpreting, University of Venice Margherita's recent research interests have touched upon active labour market policies at the European and local level. She has carried out various research projects on youth employment, educational and training systems, transition systems between school and the labour market in Europe and at the national level from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Her research interests also include local welfare policies and their implementation processes from a theoretical and empirical approach. Recent works deal in particular with active labour market policies with a focus on young people (youth guarantee) in a comparative perspective and trade unions’ involvement in (active) labour market policies. She is currently working in the Horizon2020 project NEGOTIATE on early-job insecurity in Europe (

Areas of activity

School-to-work transitions, education and skills policies, labour market developments

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Benchmarking Working Europe 2015

Published every year, the report analyses the state of working Europe explaining with the aid of statistics and graphs the main trends in terms of Europe’s macro-economic situation, its labour market development, the situation of wages and collective bargaining, and worker participation. The focus of this year’s Benchmarking report is on the... Find out more

Benchmarking Working Europe 2014

The report Benchmarking Working Europe 2014 reviews the crisis and EU austerity policies in the last five years from the point of view of Europe's social agenda. The publication, written by the research team of the ETUI, offers an overview of the most important statistics on the EU’s macroeconomic situation, labour market developments, inequality... Find out more

Margherita Bussi, Leonard Geyer

Youth Guarantees and recent developments on measures against youth unemployment: a mapping exercise

In April 2013, the Council adopted a Recommendation for a European Youth Guarantee (EYG). This background analysis outlines the EYG and discusses possible challenges to its success. Further, it provides an overview of the implementation of the EYG and the existence of recent labour market policies targeting young people in the 28 Member States... Find out more