Seminar Digital Economy 2030

On 20 and 21 June 2017, the ETUI Foresight Unit organised its first prospective seminar on the theme "Work in the digital economy in 2030". For two days, some twenty researchers, mainly academics but also from trade unions, from different countries of the European Union and experts in the fields of digitisation of the economy met in Brussels, at ETUI's premises, to discuss and debate possible scenarios.

Guided by VĂ©ronique Lamblin (Futuribles, Paris), this seminar was a real challenge because it brought together experts from different disciplines in order to write foresight scenarios; which is a somewhat unusual approach. The result of this work was beyond expectation. In two days, the seminar gave rise to five alternative scenarios and, above all, passionate debates.

The next step will be to refine these scenarios so that they can be used in the more strategic framework of the European trade union movement and the ETUC. Future publications of the Foresight Unit will make reference to this.